About Me

My name is Maureen Murov.  I have been a college professor and reseacher with a doctorate in Spanish. Hablo español y portugués con fluidez. I have lived in Argentina and travelled to Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Ecuador, and Brazil. I have also been an avid dancer for much of my life.  Rumba and belly dance are great for prenatal exercise and can even help during labor! During the course of the past decade I became a dedicated wife and mother to 5 children. In this process I discovered a real passion for the miracle that is birth. I have trained as a birth educator and birth doula with AAHCC (American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth: http://www.aahcc.com/)  and Tolabor (formerly ALACE: http://www.tolabor.com/).  
I have also attended a workshop on using the rebozo cloth in labor (for comfort and relaxation) and did further doula training with Birth Arts International.

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